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Carlisle Canoe Livery, beginning in the mid-1940's, known as "Stephan's Cute Rate Canoe Livery", has quietly sat at the waters edge of the pristine AuSable River providing canoe rentals to locals and vacationers traveling to northern Michigan. Under the shade of willow tree sits the old boathouse. Times passed and Mr. Stephan sold the canoe livery to Ken Carlisle, who changed the name of the business. As the story goes, Mr. Carlisle found he did not enjoy the task of refurbishing the wooden paddles in the off-season, which prompted him to create a new paddle design. With the use of plastic for the paddle and an aluminum shaft, Mr. Carlisle began producing his new canoe paddles in the old boathouse, until the business outgrew the building. A larger facility was needed. Carlisle sold the canoe livery to pursue his now growing paddle business.

Over several decades Carlisle Canoe Livery has provided canoe rental to avid fly fishermen who book early launches into the misty morning of the cool waters in hopes of catching the first fish of the day.

Couples with picnic lunch, float easily for hours enjoying wildlife and nature as their canoe slips in and out of the shadows of the pines.

Families, friends, youth groups, church groups, company outings – gather to launch from our shores for sun and fun!

For many of us, we remember year after year, planning our vacation which always included a canoe trip from Carlisle Canoe Livery. Carlisle Canoe Livery still operates from the original boathouse.

Whatever the reason that draws you to these beautiful waters – fishing, day tripping, camping excursions – Carlisle Canoe Livery in Grayling is here, happy and able to assist in making memories to last a lifetime!

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Carlisle Canoe Livery
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