Have Your Own Boat?

We'll gladly assist you with your paddling adventures

Carlisle Canoe Livery offers a convenient "Car Spot" service for customers who have their own equipment. A "Car Spot" is where you come to Carlisle Canoe Livery, drop off all of your equipment and drive your vehicle to the destination of your choice. A Carlisle Canoe Livery employee will meet you at your destination and will give you a ride back to Grayling to start your trip. Then you just get in your boats and paddle to your vehicle at your own pace. How's that for service!

If you have your own boat and you are going with a group that is renting equipment from Carlisle Canoe Livery, we will pick-up your private boat and bring it back to Grayling for your convenience for a nominal fee. Just let us know if you have specific transportation requests and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Car Spots available for overnight trips also. Please call or email canoeausable@gmail.com for more details.

Day Trip List for Private Boats and Car Spots

Landings Length in Time & Miles
Burtons Landing
2.5 HRS
8 Miles
Stephan Bridge 4 HRS
13 Miles
Wakeley Bridge 5.5 HRS
18 Miles